Move to Maryland

About more than a month ago, my family made one of the biggest decision of our lives: moving from Arizona to Maryland for good. You might wonder, why would you transfer from coast to coast? Yes, we could have stayed in Arizona. All is well out there (except for the crazy summer weather) while the cost of living here is over exaggerated (imagine paying around $2k monthly just for a 3-bedroom apartment.) But what really made us move to this new state is the wider range of opportunities. Not to forget, we're now closer to more states. That's a big yay for travelling *cough* about 35 mins. from Washington, DC and 5 hours away from New York! So, if you would like to read more about our road trip chronicles and my ranting about my new exposure to a whole new environment, then stick around.

One option of moving is riding a plane and shipping all your furniture and whatnot to your new home. That's a big load of money though. If you're a big traveler, however, another option is to have a road trip! I must admit, I hate sitting in a car for long periods of time. 8 hours at the most per day. It wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world. Nevertheless, it pays off in the end because you get to stop on each state you pass by. In our case, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and finally Maryland. You can even have the chance to maybe stop over at your relatives' place if their flat is somewhere along the way. My dad, for example, was able to meet his cousins again after more than 30 years.

Second thing that you need to do is look for a new home or apartment.  If you can't fly before your move to check out the possibilities personally, you need to rely everything over the internet. This was probably the most stressful part of our move. Since my mom's a teacher, we had to look for a place near her school, 10 miles away at the most. We found this apartment with all the facilities complete. One thing though. Only one pet is allowed. That shattered my heart into pieces (we have two dogs, btw.) We were in the brink of choosing which dog to give up. Until the best of me came that I was able to find another apartment wherein they allow 2 pets, a lot bigger than the previous one, and it's nearby town centers. And so, after all the calls we made, our new temporary home was finally settled (you're welcome, mom.)

I may be getting a little too talkative now than my usual length of post, but I swear this is the last.

My new school. Even before our move, I was already scouting for information about my about-to-be school. I was already scared, honestly. I've never been exposed to a big population of African Americans; this was the biggest change actually. Our school district's policies were different than Arizona's. Whichever school you're near to, that's where you must enroll. Thankfully, God was by my side. My school assignment was considered the "best" in our district. On my first day, as usual, I was the lone one. I rarely talked to anybody, except when I introduced myself. Classes averaged to about 30 students. To be frank, it is very rowdy, and the teachers seem to not care anymore. Education-wise, most have been covered in my previous school and most of the time, there is no homework. AP or honors classes are available, but I couldn't be put in there since it's halfway of the year, and I'm new.

I think I've covered most of the major parts. I don't want to bore you any longer. Overall, it may seem bad from my perspective but it's not (don't always trust me.) And by the way, we are most definitely not gone. Forgive us for not providing you posts for the month of March. All of us girls are really trying our best to work out our schedules together in order to write our next monthly article. :)

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Welcome to the world, Caileigh!

If you follow Katrina on Twitter or Instagram, you'll know that a week ago she gave birth to a healthy and ├╝ber beautiful baby girl, and we're head-over-heels thrilled to be a part of this milestone (gave us a bigtime baby fever, too!) Join us in welcoming Kat and CJ's little bundle of joy to the world, baby CAILEIGH KATHRINE SIA!

Ate Kat! First of all, congratulations! One's greatest gift of all time is having a precious baby. I can just imagine how glad you felt as soon as Caileigh was brought to this world. She is beautiful, by the way. And you have no idea how much I am awing right now as I look through her pictures. But anyway, don't worry about having to go back to AWSW very soon(although we can't wait for your posts about her.) Treasure every little second with her! Oh, and the girls and I are surely grateful to be a part of your journey along with Caileigh. God bless Ate Kat and to your family. :) 
— Ariana

You know when you hear someone's pregnant and all you can think of is that "oh my god how is she going to pull that off?" Well, don't worry, that wasn't the case for you. When you told me you were pregnant, I had no doubt at all that you could do it. You're one of those girls who are born to be a great mother. What reaffirmed this was when we chatted before and after baby Caileigh came out, I've never seen you so happy. You were nervous but you handled everything in such poise, which I think is so bad-ass! It warms my heart that you have a little family now. She's so precious and beautiful and blessed to have so many people who loves her, your AWSW family included! Congratulations, love!
— Zia

Oh my god, I know I'm pretty late and all that BUT OH MY GOD. Ate Kat finally gave birth!!! Congratulations on having a very pretty baby girl which I can just swallow if I am into cannibalism! I'm pretty sure you would be a great mother and baby little baby Caileigh will grow up as a very beautiful and stunning heartbreaker! Haha but really, I am so happy that you got through this! Congratulations and much much love!!! :)
— Liane

I can still recall the first time I saw that photo of a tiny little dot that you posted in Instagram (or was it in Tumblr?) and I was really thrilled knowing that you'll be having a baby. A little Katrina version at that. Congratulations, Huwifey! I am very proud of you. There is no doubt in my heart that you are going to be an amazing Mother — and wife. I am really, really happy for you. And I know for sure that Caileigh will grow up as this beautiful, talented and down-to-earth person like her Mommy! Hope we can do video chat soon. I dearly want to see your little angel...and you! Congratulations again, Huwifey. <3

Kat, you are very blessed to have a precious little thing in your life right now - baby Caileigh! It's probably one of the most genuine things in life to be a mother to such a beautiful girl, so I wish her to be pretty and brilliant as you when she grows up, and I just wish her all the best things in life the world has to offer her! We, AWSW girls, are so delighted that we have the opportunity to be able to warmly welcome Caileigh into this world and to wish you and your family for this beautiful chapter in your life!


PS. Kat owes us a post about her journey, don't worry.